Private KültürScience High SchoolVisual Arts and Music Department

At our school, Visual Arts Courses are provided as a selective one at all levels except for preparatory class. Our primary goal is to educate individuals who haveimproved self-confidence, express themselves in a positive way, appreciate the importance of the arts across the globe and who are civilized and sensitive.

The Aims of the Department

  • In the Arts courses, along with the basic arts issues such as black-and-white drawing of a human figure, portrait, lava painting, landscape, still life, composition, perspective; many different basic art techniques such as oil acrylic and watercolors, sculptures and prints are used. Our workshop is open to all students during school hours. Arts clubs increase the process of sharing through arts. And also through arts exhibitions, students are ensured to be in the arts environment and take part in the arts activities.

• Through personal expression and communication, in various art media, techniques and creative talents are developed.

• He gains artistic aesthetic consciousness.

• He understands and perceives the relationship between design elements and the rules.

• He learns the arts within the scope of various world cultures and different historical periods and develops a sense of interest in and appreciation of the visual arts.

• He understands the universality of art. He protects, supports and appreciates arts in both their local vicinity, as well as worldwide.

• He explores the vast opportunities offered by the newly developed technologies in the form of the arts.

•He explores different areas of the visual arts through the education he has got individually and in group and he develops himself in that direction.

• He adapts skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to the different areas and uses them.