When the history of humanity is examined, it is seen that in the education of the societies and people, the fine arts and the music which is a branch of it are given an important place.

In ancient Greece, music is one of the bases on which education is based, seen as a tool of body and spirit education.

Greek philosophers have attributed an artistic  meaning that crossing the limits to music. According to Socrates, philosophy is the highest point of music. According to Eflatun, music is the fundamental instrument of education.

Music is regarded as one of the most effective and important tools that should be used in the education of all children and seen as an important factor that affects students’ linguistic, emotional and spiritual development positively.

Our mission as Culture College includes liking of music, developing the creativity of the student and increasing the interest and ability to play music in this area, the development of internal discipline that will ensure that student has a musical ear, and the enrichment of general cultures.

To raise studens who can distinguish qualified music from unqualified one, and also can recognize certain examples from our country, European countries and around the World.

With this program we aim to have our students;

1-Adopt the importance of correctly and effectively singing the National Anthem and other anthems

2- Use Turkish language correct and effective

3- Follow the reached steps of which works in the direction of music views of Atatürk

4- Develop intellectual curiosity

5- Expose their self-confidence and creativity by showing positive attitudes towards


6- Develop their musical knowledge, etiquette, interest, desire and abilities

7- Use music terminology and language correctly

8- Develop aesthetic feelings by associating music with other art branches

9- Be conscious music lovers

10- Create music vocabulary

11- Have a universal musical culture together with our country’s music genres


Music Teacher

Uğur Tanrıver