PhysIcal EducatIon

Our primary goal is to orient our students to a particular sports field and to ensure our students take part in sports activities as a sportsman-student and a good spectator in accordance with their interests and abilities of our studentsthrough the physical education and sports studies carried out Private Kültür Science High School and taking into consideration their development characteristics who are healthyin terms of individuality and society, happy, honest and those with a good personality, constructive, creative, productive and who have embraced life-long sports principles and who have internalized the national cultural values and the attitudes required by the democratic life.


  • He can explain the statements made by Atatürk as regards the Physical Education and sports.
    • He can strengthen and develophis organs and systems according to his level.
    • Hecan improve his nervous, muscle and joint coordination.
    • He can acquire the habit of good posture. 
    • He can acquire basic knowledge, abilities, attitudes and habits as regards the Physical Education and sports.
    • He can make movements in the presence of rhythm and music.
    • Theyacquire knowledge and skills related to our folk games and they volunteer to demonstrate them.
    • Theygrasp the meaning and significance of National Day and Liberation Days and volunteer to take part in them.
    • He can acquire knowledge, skills, and habits as regards the first aid and basic health rules.
    • He can take on duties and responsibilities and comply with the leader and be a leader.
    • He can make right and quick decisions and be self-confident.
    • He can play fair and contest, appreciate the winners, confess the defeat and confront cheating and immorality.
    • He can acquire habits and attitudes required by the democratic life.


  • He knows world-known large organizations.
  • He can follow and interpret the sports he has interest in his daily life.
  • He does sports, setting an example for the people around him.
  • He can discuss the score of the matches he has an interest in the classroom settings.
  • He can apply the selected sports techniques in a streamlined manner.
  • He has basic hygiene and nutrition information.
  • He is aware of the substances that are harmful to his body and refrains from using them.
  • He knows the developing sports branches.
  • He recognizes the countries that are successful in particular sports and world-known sportsmen.
  • He can integrate the sports into his daily life.
  • He can organize the inter-classrooms tournaments and can be a referee.
  • He is aware of Atatürk’s perspective as regards the sports and what sports bring to the youth physically and spiritually.
  • He knows the development of sports goods and the impact of the changes on the sports branches.
  • He can make technical and tactical comments after the matches he has watched or played.
  • He can tell the positive impacts of the sports on the disabled by giving examples of at least 3 sports branches.