The overall objectives of the Department of Mathematics of Kültür College

The aim is to educate individuals who

• are able to use Math's unique language and terminology accurately and  effectively 

• can gain Mathematical thinking skills 

• can develop Problem-solving skills 

• are able to use Mathematical interdisciplinary knowledge and correlate them with real life experiences

• are able to use Information and Communication Technology efficient and effectively 

• value Mathematics and mathematics education 


The specific objectives of the Department of Mathematics of Kültür College; 

Our aim is to provide our students with the ability; 

• to notice that Mathematics exists in life

• to use Mathematical thinking skills to solve the problems they encounter in daily life 

• to categorize, analyze and to interpret Data

• to relate new information with the current, 

• to use Mathematics in the process of modeling and problem solving actively 

• to be curious about reason-result queries and enable them to discover, 

• to use Information and communication technologies actively while learning mathematics 

• to create all the mathematical background that will be essential for Higher education




We work in accordance with the fundamental principles of active learning in our classes; 
We keep our students at the center of the learning process. 
The course provides the highest possible level of student participation 
We motivate our students and keep our students actively during the lesson. 
We use activities which include wondering ,questioning ,exploring and learning to get rid of memorization. 
Students are held responsible for their own learning process in a democratic education atmosphere.
We download our lecture notes and activities into our school’s “CATS” system.
Each student can enter the system to reach the lecture notes and assignments the days which they couldn’t attend the lesson. 

Each week students are given tasks which asses the achievements of the previous week.
Weekly assignments and quizzes are checked and given feedback in order to follow the academic development of our students.
If the learning process isn’t performed enough, we will plan additional studies to support our students.

We take advantage of a variety of domestic and foreign sources , prepare lecture notes , activities and worksheets to use in lessons in addition to  textbooks of national ministry .


Each semester in Mathematics and Geometry classes, according to the weekly lessons, 2 or 3 written and at least 2 oral grades are given. In Term 1 and Term 2 at least 2 trial exams  are applied. Oral assessments are done according to oral evaluation rubrics, which are shared with the students at the beginning of the year, the students' performance in the classroom, homework performances, their achievement in quizes, trial exams, class activities, assignments and performance tasks.


TUBITAK Secondary School Mathematics Olympiad Competition 
TUBITAK Research Projects Competition 
Salih Zeki Mathematics Research Project Competition 


World Maths Day 

Each year, on the first Wednesday of March, the World Maths Day is celebrated with various activities which emphasizes that mathematics is within our lives. 


World Pi Day 

In order to enable our students to explore the relationship between mathematics and other different disciplines, to obtain the historical information about basic mathematics and to develop different perspectives for mathematics, every year in our school on the 14th of March World Pi Day is celebrated with various activities.