At Kültür High School, Science Studies aim to raise young people who are willing to give direction to the future through science and technology, focusing on getting high marks in international exams as well as embracing the national culture and Atatürk’s principles.

For this reason, in addition to their academic studies, students use a second language like native speakers, follow scientific essays and project studies, and keep their interest and excitement in science alive.  Our school raises students who haven’t lost the dynamics in learning, preparing themselves in every aspect of life, with the help of activities such as the entrepreneurship club and social responsibility projects.

Our Science Department organizes trips to foreign countries such as the ‘SMART SCIENCE ACADEMY’ of New Hampshire University or The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland, meeting the needs of our students as well as encouraging them to attend many scientific presentations, conferences and museums.  SMART PROJECTs educate, motivate and prepare the students to do research in science and maths.  Our willing and academically successful students have the opportunity to develop themselves in biotechnology, nanotechnology and space studies by spending a month of their summer holiday in the United States.

Students involved in this field:

  • Recognize that problems can be solved with scientific methods.
  • Understand that constructive, creative, critical and scientific thinking is the basis of development in science.
  • Reflect the developments in science and technology in their daily lives.
  • Gain skills of observation, research, investigation and doing experiments
  • Avoid memorizing in favour of practicing the techniques of accessing information, analyzing information, benefiting from the creative aspects of development, reaching right decisions and developing their approaches to learning and knowledge.
  • Gain consciousness of being an individual compatible to society and environment, recognizing, protecting and caring for the Earth’s natural resources .
  • Require the knowledge and skills of healthy living.
  • Become cooperative individuals who are determined to share knowledge and data with others.
  • Comprehend natural phenomena in nature, including the vigor, vitality and diversity of relationships in nature.
  • Gain practical skills in the laboratory.
  • Learn the basic laws of physics, chemistry and biology.
  • Create an environment to make observations , conduct research and design experiments.
  • Gain the skill of thinking deeply and comprehensively, trying to understand the structure of matter and the nature of science.
  • Understand the basic structure of living things and gain awareness of healthy living.
  • Evaluate the results of experiments.