SocIal ScIences

In our rapidly globalizing world ,no matter which  professional field is chosen . Social Sciences aim  to adapt various sizes purposes students’ change as the science of society change and development .The most important factor in achieving the information society is  the Social Sciences.

The main purpose of Social Science Education in High School is the necessity for continuous change and restructuring. Curriculum studies which are carried out for this purpose are made in our department.

The basic principle is examining the complexity and multi-dimensionality of social events in the consideration of an interdisciplinary perspective.  Given this education provides our students gain in all the details and foresight the ability to see the whole.

By giving our students education, we want  our students to  reach  a top destination, be a   world citizenship  identity and sensitive to the problems of humanity and respect for human rights. In this respect;

-  Various perspectives through research in the fields of Social Sciences brings love
-  Interdisciplinary and multi-faceted approach to learning the ways individuals learn, to gain certain skills and skills to pursue cross-community support in an interactive environment becomes
 -   Comprehending the world's economic , political, social , cultural changes , developments and their impact on Turkey , Turkey's role in world events in the 21st century

-   Providing responses to the evolving needs of our age with the knowledge and skills

-   Implementing the idea of ​​respect and understanding of different cultures in the world, creating awareness about our national history and culture

-  Carrying out  personality development , human relations, economic efficiency, coping with life changes and areas of  proficiency  and citizenship responsibilities

- Giving priority to students working and learning, problem solving and decision making, group approach and develop citizenship skills and performing creativitiy

- Evaluating the perspectives of different disciplines and information resources and evidence