Within the framework of curriculum in the music courses, it is our primary goal to ensure that students express Ataturk’s love, national feelings, and the joy of special occasions via music through programs prepared on the occasions of National festivals and Memorial days and weeks.  We aim to direct students in line with their interests and abilities after ascertaining their interest in music and the degree of their ability.

The Aims of the Department

Students will:

  • Know the period and history of Turkish and Western music.
  • Recognize the forms and types of music, distinguish between them and develop listening skills.
  • Learn musical notation.
  • Use the knowledge and skills gained through music education in their lives. 
  • Gain the habit of working in a collaborative, disciplined and planned manner in individual and group activities.
  • Be able to associate and synthesize music education with other forms of art.
  • With the acquisition gained in the music course, be able to create awareness in terms of mental, spiritual and emotional aspects.
  • Be able to compare different disciplines with music, logical thinking, constructive criticism and evaluation.
  • Volunteer to take responsibility for national holidays and memorial days through the musical presentations.
  • Know our traditional Turkish music and folk music and gain national and universal thinking skills.