TurkIsh Grammer and LIterature

Turkish Language and Literature Department’s  primary aim is using modern methods and techniques to ensure proper use of our native language and culture in the light of Atatürk’s principles. Therefore, our teachers hold   reading events at every level and make our students book review at least each month.

Turkish Language and Literature Department has a student-centered approach, and also  carries out in interaction with national and international programs. Literary text analysis are located in the center of teaching forms.

Our students bring the data together by observing, experimenting , obtaining written or verbal expression by the help of the literary texts. They will shape their critical thinking skills by  differentiating arguments from fallacies.

After having literary knowledge, our students can express their thoughts and feelings orally, in writing and also they can integrate their national values with universal values.

Our students have made the first step to become individuals who will think in a critical philosophical view of life and are capable of communicating accurately and effectively with high aesthetic appreciation.

Turkish Language and Literature Lectures and courses in our school are not independent from each other. Students gain the ability to express themselves correctly. They understand the impact on people and society by creating a culture of awareness between past and future .

 Bringing up individuals who use the mother tongue properly, absorb, know the  world cultures, read and gain systematic thinking besides;

Our teachers:

  • educate citizens  who are tolerant and can generate ideas across the country and the world issues and able to express criticism.

raise citizens who understand the importance of the language in our lives

  •  acquire the pleasure of reading and teach that reading is an indispensable thing;
  • While typing and talking make them pay attention to the spelling of Turkish ,articulation and aesthetic
  • educate individuals who recognize the world culture  very well, respect  diversity; read and think systematically
  • teach  "spelling punctuation" and "expressive language disorder  grammatical rules "principles of grammar" are taught in the topics
  •  reach the original review based on the analysis and synthesis
  • provide  the opportunity to grasp the importance of Turkish literature within the past and present  world literature
  •  through Turkish education students gain robust , balanced, free and systematic thinking as in other areas

•   through using four skills such as listening, writing and speaking, reading students gain all the characteristics of Turkish language and can use it and also they gain analyzing and synthesizing habits

•   introduce the accumulation of knowledge on the intricacies and pleasure, belief in our culture and elicit oral and written texts and create new texts