PhysIcal EducatIon

In Kültür High School Physical Education department, we lead our students to a specific sport branch according to their interests and abilities.  We encourage them to engage in sport activities as sportsmen and as good spectators.

In regard to their characteristics, we want students to grow up as healthy, happy, honest, positive and creative individuals who embrace sport disciplines and who have gained values of their culture and democratic behaviors in the society.

The guidance of Atatürk and the philosophers are our main goals in PE studies.

In this context, Students:

  • Strengthen and develop their organs and  systems according to their levels.
  • Improve their nerve, muscle and joint coordination.
  • Gain main knowledge about physical education and sports, ability, attitudes and habits.
  • Make movements with rhythm and music .
  • Gain basic knowledge about our folk dances and also ability to participate in them.
  • Will be eager to perform them.
  • Will be keen on understanding the importance of our national feasts and liberation days.  They will be also eager to take part in these activities.
  • Want to spend their free-time in physical activities through understanding how PE and sport are important for their health.
  • Will love nature.
  • Will make use of fresh air and sun.
  • Will learn how to act in collaboration.
  • Will take responsibility for their duties.
  • Will be able to lead or work hand in hand with leaders.
  • Will trust themselves.
  • Will be able to make decisions quickly.
  • Will play and compete in a friendly manner  and also learn how to appreciate the winner.  They will learn to accept the defeat.
  • Will be opposed to cheating and unfair play.
  • Will gain the attitudes and habits of democratic life