Being a healthy  student is the vital condition  for a good education. Kültür Schools provide health conditions under this perception.


Guaranteeing  our students’ health is as important as guaranteeing their education and tuition . School time  is a special period when the most important events happen in a lifetime. Because the school children grow and develop. Having health problems in that stage effects the individuals’ whole life .It is easier to  recognize the growth and  development problems at this stage.


Our students’ physical and health conditions are monitored and recorded by our school. Kids doctor and nurse take duties . A fully equipment infirmary is under the service of our students. We have the necessary equipment to intervene in urgent conditions.


Our health staff assist our students not only in urgent conditions but when they are in a bad mood. When the students visit the infirmary ,necessary measures are taken , his/ her parents are called if it is needed. Or he/she is taken to the nearest hospital under the supervision  of the nurse.


The ones with chronic illnesses are detected and monitored , the ones who take pills regularly are helped by the nurse.


Our students are guaranteed by security insurance in the activities they run during the academic year.


The school health is concerned about not only the students health but their hygiene at the same time. The water samples are often chemically analyzed  by the health companies.