In our school, various competitions and tournaments are organized in order to increase the interest and ability of the students for the sport. As a result of winning this tournament, students are going to represent our school in national and international competitions.

Some of the successes of our students in sports are below.

In 2015-2016
Fencing:  Our high school student Emir TÖRÜ was 6th in fencing .
Our high school student Hami Uğur KAMBUROĞLU became 3rd in swimming which was held by schools  around İstanbul  between  06th  and 07th of January ,2016.
Hami Uğur Kamburoğlu became 3rd at  50 meters freestyle and breaststroke branches in district competiton .Also, Aytuğ Kargı became 2nd at  50meters back and breaststroke branches .

Athletics: Kültür Anatolian High School Student Nareg HAÇİKOĞLU became 2nd in long jump  on the 13th of January ,2016 around  Istanbul.

Our Anatolian High School Nareg HAÇİKOĞLU became İstanbul  champion in long jump and three steps in the open field Athletics championship on the 14th and 15th of March ,2016.

Our Anatolian High School Nareg  HAÇİKOĞLU became 2nd in the long jump branch and 4th in three steps which was held in Kocaeli in Marmara region championship between  2nd and 3rd of March , 2016.

Volleyball: Our Young Girls Volleyball Team were between  16 schools   among 165 schools in Istanbul district  competitions. Our Young Girls Volleyball Team became 2nd among 24 schools in Bakırköy District Tournament .
Table Tennis: Young Men Table Tennis Team became Bakırköy Champion among 18 schools on the 5th of April, 2016.
Basketball: Our Young Boys Basketball Team passed the group matches in the county tournament and played the final. Our team was 2nd in Bakırköy District.

2014-2015 Academic Year
With the participation of 18 schools, our school has been a district champion winning 5 matches in table tennis tournament on April 6, 2015.

Our student Nareg HAÇİKOĞLU became Istanbul champion in the long jump with 6.15 meters and triple champion with 12.62 meters jump in the High School Athletics Championships in İstanbul between 1  and  2 April 2015.

Our student who participated in the Young Men’s Group Athletics succeeded the level of long jump with 6.30 meters which was held in İzmir from April 14 to 15, 2015 to participate in the championship.

Our school student Hami Uğur Kamburoğlu got the first place in the 50-meter breaststroke branch and received the second prize in the 50 meters backstroke swimming which was held as swimming championships in the country district.

2013-2014 Academic Year
Our school basketball team was entitled to play the semifinal in 2013-2014 in Bakırköy county competitions.

Our student Nareg HAÇİKOĞLU became the champion in the long jump with 5.95 meters in 2014 in Istanbul.