Besides the education of students our school is also engaged in social, psychological and academic educational activities which support their character education.  For the development of the students, seminars, conferences, promotions and diverse activities are given in the school. These studies have brought success with it. Here are some of the successful projects.

Our School has been awarded by a certificate at the 'Nutrition Friendly School' project. Our school got full 100 points in healthy eating and moving to appropriate living conditions and was awarded by the certificate "Nutrition Friendly School" by the audit conducted by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health.
In terms of the basis of certain criteria like cleaning and hygiene in Schools and for the improvement of school health, our school was awarded the "White Flag" and "Certificate" under the inspection of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.
Students graduating from our school are placed in a higher education program after the YGS and LYS exams.

Our students are prepared for life with certain social responsibility projects. Our school continues these projects with many institutions. Some of those are Muscle Disorders Association of Turkey, Beyoğlu Halıcıoğlu Hearing Impaired School, Bakirkoy rest room and home for homeless people.

Some of the activities carried out in 2015 was the campaign "Your power is our strength" launched under the Social Responsibility Project has received 4 Electric Wheel Chairs which were delivered to the Muscle Disorders Association of Yesilköy Branch officials on May 22, 2015.
In 2014, the social responsibility project "From the Ear to the Heart" has continued working for the benefit of the Hearing Impaired school students in Beyoglu Halıcıoğlu.