As our school has adopted the principle of the philosophy ‘The Art Heals the Soul’, we support our students for artistic activities; such as drawing, music, hand crafts and dance.  Exhibitions, art competitions, musical preparations, prepared at the Professional level by master trainers, are all displayed in the competitions held inside and outside the province.

The followings are some of our successful works:
In 2014-2015 Academic Year, a spectacular performance, consisting of 150 youth choir students, was held in İKÜ Akıngüç Auditorium.
Our school arranges ‘Private Kultur College Inter High School Contest’ in our province aiming to create a convergence, build new friendship and be able to meet students’ movement requirements in an integrity of culture-education and dance.
This Academic Year, we are planning to hold the 12th ‘Dance Contest Festival’ in Kultur College KEV Auditorium on 02th May as it is the date of ‘World Dance Day’.

Every year, the pictures drawn and painted by our students are exhibited through year-end exhibition at Yunus Emre Cultural Center in May.