Last Year’s Success in FLL
Science Heroes Meet, FLL, 12th Turkey Championship of Europe League was carried out at Istanbul Kültür University. Our students who took part in the tournament with 235-ROBOCULTURE won the “RISING STAR” prize out of 37 teams.

  Feridun Ege Hünerli was rewarded with the “Mansion Award” for his story "What Will Zombi's Rights Be?" in the story competition “Children’s Rights” organized by Creative Children Foundation.

Our school has been entitled to receive certificate in “Nutrition Friendly School” project. In the audit conducted by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, our school is entitled to receive the "Nutrition Friendly School" certificate by receiving 100 points in terms of healthy eating habits and active life conditions.


Our school was rewarded with the “White Flag” and a certificate in the project for fulfilling the required criteria in terms of hygiene determined by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education in order to enhance and encourage hygiene in schools.