Istanbul Project

The individual is a part of the society and exists in the environment in which he lives. The individuals first start learning about their close environment then their learning setting expands. For this reason, we think that knowing about Istanbul in every aspect will provide us with lots of benefits both in social and cultural areas.

Istanbul is the most crowded city in our country so that it is also the most important in economic and socio-cultural aspects. Historically, it has hosted many civilizations and cultures. It has unique values in terms of historical and cultural heritage. We will conduct the study under the name of "Istanbul Project" within 4th, 5th and 6th Grades as Social Studies Department. We will do activities, presentations, games, video demonstrations, and so on. We will try to teach our students about the cultural, historical and social issues of Istanbul. In this context, we aim to have our students equipped and raise aware of this subject with the activities, presentation, videos and small classroom games and competitions by occasionally studying the themes of Istanbul.