2015-2016 AcademIc Year


Our school choir performed a music festival for the 56th anniversary  of our school in Istanbul Kultur University Akıngüç Hall on June 10, 2016.

Culture and Cultural Science High School graduates' Cap Coronation Ceremony was held, in  Kultur University Akıngüç Hall on June 08, 2016. Our graduates took the first steps towards the university . We wish them success in their lives.
’Your power is our strength’ Social Responsibility Project has been launched.5 Wheel Chairs were delivered on June 02, 2016 to the Turkey Muscle Disorders association officials of Yeşilköy.The event attracted parents and a large number of students who supported the campaign.We appreciate our students and parents help.
On May 31​st, 2016 Kültür High School 12 Grade students, entered a trial exam conducted by Kültür University and the Right Choice Platform within the "LYS MOTIVATION CAMP" activities. In these camp activities our students not only took part in trial exams but also participated in various activities like enhancing motivation and career choice.

On 27.05.2016 our Prep School students set on a spectacular musical performance Show, 'The Snow Queen’. We thank our teachers and students who contributed in the preparation of this great Show.

This year on May 25, 2016, we celebrated the 20th Basic Sciences Exhibition and Science Festival Performing Arts Events with many garden activities attended also by teachers, students in our school.

On May 24, 2016 Kültür High School students participated in "DNA isolation" course, in the framework of the project "Multicultural Academy Profession", which was given by Doç.Dr.Özge ÇELİK and research assistant Sinan MERİÇ from Istanbul Kültür University Molecular Biology and Genetics Department ".
On May 23, 2016 Kültür High School students participated in "DNA isolation" course, in the framework of the project "Multicultural Academy Profession", which was given by Yrd. Doç.Dr.Pınar OBAKAN from Istanbul Kültür University Molecular Biology and Genetics Department ".
Kültür High School and Kültür Science High School who successfully completed their project work "mission completed" attended the Bosphorus cruise organized by the Bakırköy District on May 20, 2016. 


12 students took part in the ceremony of 19th May Atatürk Commemoration and Youth and Sports Day under the supervision of an assistant teacher in the Bakirkoy district .


The 97th anniversary of our national struggle launched in Samsun by Atatürk was celebrated on 19 May 2016 with a joyous ceremony at KEVIN Hall.


Our students and their parents visited lonely elders in the hospice on May 17, 2016.

Our students  achieved a lot of success in the county championship matches in the province as well as sports activities in the 2015-2016 academic year.  
Our students received their awards at the Awards Ceremony which was held in Ahmet Cömert Sports Hall in Bakırköy District.

Our school in district competitions in  2015-2016 academic year
• Basketball Team  became   2nd ,
• Volleyball Team became 2nd ,
• Table Tennis  Team becmae district championship 
• Our student Uğur Hami Kamburoğlu became  district champion within  50 meters backstroke and breaststroke ,
• Our student Aytuğ Kargın became third  within  50 meters freestyle in 3rd place  while  he became second in the butterfly branch .
They received their degrees.
We congratulate our students and teachers.

Kültür High School students attended a lecture "What is mathematics used for?"  which was presented by Mathematics and Computer Science research assistant Dr.Uğur Gönüllü about  “Multicultural Academy Profession" project on May 12, 2016.


To get a bit rid of the exam stress our final year students participated in a breakfast event at Bebek.


To explore the fascinating world of glass our students went on May 11st, 2016 to the Glass Furnace in Beykoz.

Kültür  High School students participated "Developmental Psychology  “ conference which was presented by assistant Prof Meryem DEMİRDÜĞÜL from İstanbul Kültür University  within the framework of "Multicultural Academy Profession" project on May 10, 2016. 


Within the framework of Youth Week activities Sports Writer Necati  Karakaya participated "Atatürk" seminar “.  This seminar was held  by all our students and teachers on May 10

On 10th May 2016 our 9th grade students attended a DNA workshop at the Koç Museum. Students participating in the experimental studies of the structure of the DNA in this workshop made necklaces from their own DNA’s 
The students of Kültür Science School and Kültür High School were at Acıbadem University presentation on 9th May 2016. During this trip, they got general information about the school, and also Practical  Simulation center. It  ended with a campus trip.
Kültür Anatolian  and Science School students‘ paintings  were exhibited  in  Çetin Emeç Exhibition Hall , Yunus Emre Kültür Center between 9th and 11th , May 2016 at the Exhibition Hall. 165 works of 89 students  were displayed in the exhibition. 
All  Kültür School  teachers  participated  a panel about   "Changing Role of Teachers in Classroom “ on Saturday, May 7, 2016.  Coping  with creative children in classes , innovation in the classroom, the teacher's role of leadership and guidance, teaching Z generation and behavior management issues were discussed during the panel .
Our school held a trip to the Black Sea between 05th  and 8th  May , 2016.  Our students found the opportunity to see   historical and geographical spots in  Batum , Rize and Trabzon . The footprints of Turkish People were followed in Batum .    Some information about the diversity of the vegetation as well as the unique beauty was gathered about Fırtına Canyon in Ayder Valley .

Kültür High School student Aytuğ KARGI came as 2nd in Butterfly branch and came 3rd in free style branch in Bakırköy District Swimming Championships.
Kültür High School student Hami Uğur Kamburoğlu became the district champion in backstroke and breaststroke branches in Bakırköy District Swimming Championships. We congratulate our student and our teachers and wish their success continue.

On May 4th, 2016, "Career Awareness Planning" seminar was held for our students and parents by Istanbul Kultur University lecturer Doç.Dr.Özge Hacıfazlıoğlu. 

The 12nd Kültür High School Dance Festival between High Schools was held May 02nd, 2016. In the framework of World Dance Day activities each year, many students are coming together to revel in the universality of art. The 21 different groups participating in this dance festival performed fun and exciting moments.


ULC International Education Consultancy Company held a seminar to inform 10 and 11th grades within Career Office works between  April 25th.


Our 2016 Kültür High School Graduates, became a member of the Kültür College Alumni Association on April 22, 2016. Membership cards were given to our graduates at the celebration party organized by the Alumni Association.


Kultur High School and Kultur Science High School students came together at TEOG CHATS.They shared their experiences and gave some important tips for the exam.


Our students went to the house of Tevfik Fikret in  Aşiyan in order to learn more about the artists of the period of Servet-i Fünun on April 20,2016.


Our students  attended Emirgan Tulip Festival on April 19,2016.

Kültür Anatolian  and Science High School  went to  Istanbul Technical University (ITU) on April 18, 2016  . Besides the general information contained in this presentation , university life and social projects were informed .The campus tour ended up with sightseein.
Within the framework of   "Professionals between us"   Kültür Anatolian   and  Science High School students  were  informed about  the medical profession on April 13, 2016. Department of Plastic Surgery Doctor Mehmet Fatih Okyay from Çapa Medicine  Faculty paid attention the  importance of  being a doctor  and its challenges  by giving good examples.


Within the scope of ‘Carreer planing  project’, the Grade 9 students were introduced 14 different professions at  Istanbul Kultur University on April 12,2016.



9th grade students attended a seminar called ‘ The ways of cancer prevention’ at Bakırköy Community Health Center on April 6, 2016.


Our general parent-teacher meetings was hold on Sunday, April 3, 2016. Parents were informed about thier children’s educational progress and school reports were given .


Our school became District Champion in table tennis tournaments  on the 5th of April .

Our student Nareg HAÇİKOĞLU who participated in the Athletics District Group Championships that was held on 2nd and 3rd April 2016 in Kocaeli, came second in the Long Jump branch and fourth in the Triple Jump in the Marmara Region.

We congratulate our student and the Physical Education teachers and wish them continuing success.


Academic International Education Consultancy Company held a seminar to inform 10 and 11th grades within Career Office works   between  March 30th  and 31st .


Our school counselors, a group of students  and teachers   attended  the  introductory  “YÖK Atlas “ meeting  which was  organized by the District Education Directorate on March 29, 2016. 


İstanbul Kültür University and College collaborated a  poetry recital .  The poetry recital consisted Nazım Hikmet’s poems. Yetkin Dikinciler contributed our recital by reading poems at the beginning and end of the recital  .

Our prep classes performed the activity ‘Das Autobahn’ led by  foreign officials from the GOETHE institute. Our students had the chance to learn about the culture of Germany including food,brands,cities,celebrities and lifestyle in an enjoyable way. Students competed with each other to finish all the levels combining the clues to find out the secret code of Davinci.


18 March Martyrs Memorial and Canakkale Naval Victory's 100th anniversary ended with the speech of our school’s principal, the play called "Gallipoli", the lyric dance show and the songs which were sung.

Our  student Nareg HAÇİKOĞL at High Schools Athletics Championships in Istanbul; he has ranked first and become Istanbul champion in Triple Jump branch with a degree of 13:04 m. he has also became Istanbul Champion in the long jump with a degree of 6:30m.  he has been qualified to participate in the Marmara Region Championship in these two branches.. We congratulate our student and wish him success in the following competitions


World Pi Day was celebrated with a program prepared by the students and exhibited in KEV.


Kültür High School students completed the 2016-YGS camp. Our teachers and senior students came together on 10 March 2016 and studied very hard and got motivated for the exam. We would like to  thank all the teachers who dedicated efforts in this process.


Our school held  a  Parent-Teacher’s meeting  for 12 grade students' parents including the general situation and issues before YGS exam preparation is performed.


On 23rd and 24th February 2016, we participated in the 2nd Education and Career Days organised by Bakirkoy District Education Directorate.


In the framework of Civil Defence week we held a fire drill in order to evacuate our building on February 23, 2016. 

Breathing Techniques seminar for coping with the stress of examination was given by Hüsnü Durusu Anlar on February 17, 2016  to Kültür High School 12th grade students.. Students in the learning process had the opportunity to learn how to control their breathing.


Information meeting for the SMART PROJECT, summer term sicience academy program was performed on 17th February 2016 by the Head of Science Department of Kultur High School.


Kültür  High School 10th Grade  students  were happy to find the opportunity to examine ceramics exhibition  in ceramic workshop in İKUSAG  on  the 16th of February, 2016 .


As a result of the campaign carried out during December and January, aid supplies such as toys, boots and coats were delivered to the primary students of Kabakça village in Çatalca on February 11, 2016.

The opening of the Kültür Schools Innovation Center was held on 10th February, 2016. During the opening where the Robotics Club, Kültür Radio and the Digital Design workshop were introduced we experienced very colorful and exciting moments. With the participation of students, parents and Kültür University faculty associates workshops were visited and the first live broadcast of Kültür Radio was held.

The first period of 2015-2016 Academic Year, started on Monday, September 28, ended on Friday, January 22, by the closing ceremony after students’ receiving their report cards. We wish all our students a productive resting period until the second period which will start on Monday February 8.


Kultur High School and Kultur Science High School students came together at TEOG CHATS.They shared their experiences and gave some important tips for the exam.


The medals of our students, who have received degrees in the provincial championships, are presented by our principal in a ceremony held in the school. Congratulations to our students.


Microsoft Business Solutions Manager Hasan Ali Polat  gave a presentation within the scope of career planning studies for the students who will attend the university entrance exam .The event which was held on the 14th of January, 2016  gave students information about the IT industry, answered students' questions.


Our student  Nareg Haçikoğlu became 2nd in the long branch  in İstanbul Indoor Athletics Championships. We congratulate and wish him further success.


Our students, who came as 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Fahamettin Akıngüç Mathematics Competition, are given their awards. We congratulate our students and wish them success.


Our students Uğur Kamburoğlu  became third  in  Swimming Championships in Istanbul  which was held on January 6th , 2016. We congratulate and wish him further success.

Art Club Students from Kültür High School and Kültür Science High School joined the opening of the painting exhibition called ‘Sanatın Ocağında Bir Alev ‘  of the artist and poet Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu on 6th January 2016 at Istanbul Kultur University İKÜSAG. The students had a chance to observe the artist's works closely. 


Our school welcomed the New Year 2016  with a warm party  with the participation of administrators, teachers and employees.  We wish the New Year  to bring success and happiness to our students.


Attending the Mind Game seminar performed by National  Turkish mind team on  5th January, 2016 Kültür High School students had an enjoyable time .


Kultur  High School 12th  graders  gathered together at a   motivation breakfast before applying YGS exam.

December 28th,2015 The Police Chief M.Özgür Zobar  of Narcotics of Istanbul Police Department  gave a seminar on harm of drug use and the things that should be considered in this regard. A remarkable video presentations was made.


Dear Fahamettin Akıngüç the founder of Kultur Schools signed his book  named’ Kendini Eğitime Adamış Bir Mühendis’  for the school representatives on December 25th,2015.

On 22 nd December 2015 Tuesday,a seminar the road to career was given by The President of İKÜ Career and business world  Mehtap Gülaçtı.

As Mr. Aziz Sancar recieved the  Nobel award , an event was organized  to draw attention again to the awareness in this area. We would like to thank our students, Kultur High School and Kultur Science High School, for attending and organizıng an event like this to inform and talk about scientists who have taken this precious award before.

Our school students attended the workshop organized by Stem Cell Based Therapy Current Approaches  at Istanbul Kultur University in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, on Friday, December 18, 2015, from 09:30 to 15:30 hours  . After the evaluation with students, it was observed that it provided students awareness for the university departments and their choices.

A roadshow for Bosphorus University  was held for Grades 11 and 12 students ,on December 18, 2015. The students received information about scholarship opportunities abroad ,faculties and departments of the University. Our students left the university motivated having the necessary information for  the university they target on.


Within KÜGEM training, "Journey of the Universe “ was presented by professor Dursun Koçer and  also “What is Self-Esteem? and How does it occur?" was presented by professor Zeynep Oktuğ on December 16, 2015 . Our school teachers attended the seminar .


Robotics Club, which was established this year, was opened on December 16, 2015 in order to make our students gain skills of deciding and producing solutions.


On 16th December, 2015, we organized a trip with our school students to the Panorama 1453 History Museum. Depicting the conquest of Istanbul, eight artists completed the Panorama in 3 years which includes 10,000 drawings of figures. With battle sounds from the speakers and Mehter anthem the students enjoyed this spectacle.



Our school Girls Volleyball team continues  its way after defeating its opponent 3-0 in the match held by Provincial Directorate on 12th December 2015.


Our students have participated in Enka European Youth Forum between the dates 11-14 December,2015  and debated on the controversial issues that countries and the World faces and tried to find and wrote resolutions .


Our school table tennis team took part in competitions organized by The Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate between 7th and 9th December.


Our 10th,11th and 12th grade students participated a seminar called "Towards Success" given by Sait Gürsoy on  December 8, 2015 . The latest information related to access to university was transferred to our students


A meeting was held on NASA Education Program and University summer camps. Parents and students were informed about the program on December 7 , 2015.


Our student Eyşan Yazıcı has represented our school by participating in the 18th Olympic philosophy on  Sunday, December 6, 2015

With the corporation of Parent- teacher – student association, to make our education system stronger we had our parent-teacher meeting 0n 06 th December 2015 on Saturday. On the same day, our students mid-term reports were given to our parents.


With the idea that we should be ready for an earthquake because our country is located in an  earthquake zone, the employee relief and warning alarm practices were done on 02 December 2015.


Our school parent council members celebrated November 24th Teachers' Day by visiting our teachers.

Students went to Koç University on November 23, 2015 for the presentation of  universities and vocations . The students found the opportunity by observing the scholarships ,university departments, base scores, and social life. In addition to social activities hall, they  toured the library and study rooms. They learned more about  universities.


We  as Anatolian and Science High School  met 8th grade students for breakfast We spent time  full of fun and music away from exam stress . We wish success to all students in TEOG exam.

Kültür  High Schools have organized Teacher’s Day Dinner  for our teachers at Çınar Hotel on November 21, 2015 . While our founder and honorary President of İstanbul Kültür University Fahamettin Akıngüç was making a speech , The plagues were presented to our teachers who have completed their 10th, 15th and 20th year.

Kültür High School and Science High School Visual Arts Department of Art Club students toured the 14th Istanbul Biennale on 19th November.

Kültür High School and Science High School Visual Arts Department of Art Club students toured the 14th Istanbul Biennale on 19th November.

Organized by İKSV for the 14th time at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, this great organization brought together artists from different cultures with art lovers in İstanbul. Our students eagerly watched this Contemporary Art Event dealing with “salt water, conflicting nodes and wave images. The same organization covering the theme "The Artist and Time" presented in several exhibitions was seen by the Visual Arts students under the guidance of our Art teacher Mr. Ensar Torcu.  Our students enjoyed this exquisite art feast which was brought to Istanbul from the world's different regions.


On 17 th November 2015 Tuesday,a seminar about job and money guaranteed faculties will be given by İKÜ Right Choice project coordinator Nur Erdem ÖZEREN


Based on the virtues of reading  we care too much about reading . We went with our  students to TÜYAP Book Fair on November 11, 2015. We tried to make our students understand that  reading is a need not spending time  without a purpose. This trip was very useful for us.


77th anniversary of our leader Ataturk’s leaving us was performed in KEV by a commemoration ceremony. Our parents, students and employees participated in this ceremony and had emotional moments.


Kultur High School and Kultur Science High School students  artworks on the subject ’ Atatürk and Republic’ were exhibited at the KEV entrance hall between the dates October 27th – November 12th and were well recieved by all art lovers.

We held a competition between classes. The classes  would create a board which was about  Atatürk . By means of our committee we chose the winner .We congratulate 10 Class B and wish them continued success .
Our  school's Parent Council held its first meeting on November 5, 2015 . At this  meeting we were informed about the school 's functioning and rules. The meeting was terminated by determining the date for the next meeting .


Our school’s Honor Council and Parents Council members visited Bakırköy Şefkatevi on 04 November 2015



We celebrated  our 92nd of Republic with enthusiasm with our students and teachers.


Our school has joined  with a group of 44 students to  celebrate Turkish Republic in Ferit Aysan stadium in Bakırköy District.


Berk Ağma came first, Cenk Ege Ergelmiş second, Okan Konak third  during "Table Tennis Republic Cup" tournament . Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the ceremony .


2015-2016 Academic Year Student Assembly presidential elections were held on October 23, 2015. After the votes counting were  made, Eyşan YAZICI was chosen as a student assembly president. We wish our students success in their studies.

Our school held a meeting for 11th grade parents to inform them about the school’s rules and functioning. We gave them information about the regulation changes in Secondary Education by the vice principals.

A trip, to  Istanbul University Faculty of Veterinary osteoarchaeology Museum, was organized  On October 19, 2015. Students, who were led by Prof.Dr.Vedat Oner,  had the opportunity to study the bones of animals and the tools that human have used since paleontological time.


Our students visited the  ‘Republic period artists’ art gallery exhibition at Kültür University on  October 8, 2015


Our school organized a trip  to ensure the orientation of the students for Prep Class to  Kültür College Alumni Association in Bakırköy on October 8, 2015 . This trip became  useful to our students ‘motivation before the first exams .


Our school held a meeting for 9th grade parents to inform them about the school’s rules and functioning .We gave them information about the regulation changes in Secondary Education by the vice principals.

The first meeting day of our clubs  was held on Octomber 1, 2015. Students watched  short films of the club during introductions.The coaches of the clubs gave some information about the work they would do during the year.. Students chose social activities, participate during later years.
An introductory meeting was held on September 30, 2015 for the Prep class parents. Our meeting began with  the opening speech of our principleTaner ÇAKIR and was followed with information about our school rules and the general operation by our assistant manager.The meeting was ended with a small cocktail


Our principle gave a speech about school rules and the new regulations about passing the class on September 29, 2015


After the opening ceremony held on Monday  September 28, 2015 in the campus garden our students started the new academic year full of excitement.