Student CouncIl

The Appointment of the School Counsel

The process of forming the School Counsel started with our students’ applications to the guidance unit on October 3, 2016. It is held every year in our school in order to improve our students’ democracy, tolerance and pluralism consciousness along with raising awareness on rights to vote and stand for election. Primary and middle school students shared their ideas and projects about the school in Kültür College Performance Hall. The voting process was completed on October 6, 2016. The results was shared with our students on October 7, 2016. Our candidates, winners and students in charge were given their certificates of appreciation.

Candidate students;

Primary School Presidency:

4-A Elya Hazan Alkan / 4 -A İdil Ece Karaoğlan / 4-C Simay Demirtaş / 4-B Rüzgâr Sinan Günay / 4-B Venüs Yemez / 4-C Simay Demirtaş / 4-C İlyas Eren Manav

Primary School Vice Presidency:

3-A Arda Kabadayı / 3-A Eda Su Gürler/ 3-B Eda Çalışkan / 3-B Deniz Zenger / 3-C Elif Erdemir / 3-C Berina Hacıoğlu / 3-C Elif Ela Okudan

Middle School Presidency:

8-A Çağan Fidan / 8-A Nehir İdil Ulusoy / 8-C Kaya Sertel

Middle School Vice Presidency:

7-B Berke Duran / 7-B Yalın Aras Atmaca / 7-C Can Alparslan / 7-D Salih Cem Ersoy

Primary School President: Venüs Yemez

Primary School Vice President: Elif Ela Okudan

Middle School President: Nehir İdil Ulusoy

Middle School Vice President: Salih Cem Ersoy

We sincerely congratulate all of our students, their parents and teachers who contributed in the process.

Our School Principal Sibel Demirer had a meeting with student counsel presidents and vice presidents

Our school Principal Sibel Demirer had a meeting with primary school student president Venüs Yemez (4B), vice president Elif Ela Okudan (3C); middle school student president Nehir İdil Ulusoy (8A) and vice president Salih Cem Ersoy (7D). During the meeting, expectations, wishes and suggestions were shared. Our students made suggestions about the projects they want to carry out in the school this year.

First Meeting of the Student Council

On December 9, 2016, all the student representatives between grades 4 and 8 had a meeting under the presidency of our school principal Sibel Demirer. They talked about this year’s plans and projects in the meeting.

Kültür Students are Working!

Primary school and middle school student presidents and vice presidents shared their excitement about the process of forming the school counsel with the other students and parents via the bulletin they prepared.