ActIvItIes 2016-2017

As a  Sports Writer and  Sports Commentary Dr .Necati KARAKAYA  who himself  has  adopted the principles of  Kemalism came together with our students. Dr. Necati  Karakaya  shared the importance of the principles and revolutions of Kemalism with our Anatolian and Science School Students.

For improving our students academic and scientific developments, our Science Center was opened by İKÜ RECTOR Prof. Dr. Erhan Güzel, İKÜ Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Nihal Sarıer, İKÜ 2008-2012 Rector Prof. Dr.Dursun Koçer and İKEK School Coordinator Biriz Kutoğlu on 13 May 2017

Kültür Science School students from all grades  attended   kangaroo  exam which is based  “Kangourou Sans Frontieres “  association in France and was applied nearly in 70 countries.

Kültür Science High School 10 th grade students got ‘Encourament Award’ in TÜBİTAK  high school students Project competition which was the first in Marmara Region in biology.

The biology project of Kültür Science High School 10th grade students, which became the 1st in Marmara Region, received the "Encouragement Award" in the Turkish Finals. We congratulate our students and teachers
In Bakırköy Young Women's District Tennis Championship which was organized on the premises of Bakırköy Sports Club Foundation on May 8th, 2017, one of our student became the district champion, two of them became the 2nd and the 3rd in the district.
Our 9,10,11 and 12th grade students from Kultur Science High School participated in the Kanguru Mathematics Exam which is applied in 70 countries depending on the French-based "Kangourou Sans Frontieres" Association.
We participated with our students in the "Istanbul Youth Festival and Fair" which was organized by The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in Yenikapi event area on May 5th ,2017
Kültür Science High School 10th grade students came together with the celebrities of the World of  Politics, Sports and Art in Madame Tussaud
Kültür Anatolian School and Kültür Science School stutent took place and analyzed innovative work in  the 1st Bakırköy Robotics and Coding Festival on 4th of May ,2017.
‘Wall newspapers’ written by Kültür Science School students have been displayed with the participation of the Schools Coordinator,  Mrs.Biriz Kutoğlu and Kültür College High Schools Principle Mr. Taner Çakır.
News Complied from the World and mainly from our school  welcomed with interest and gained acclaim.
4th May 2017
Our 11th grade studends visited the House of Tevfik Fikret, one of the Great Poet of Servet-i Fünun Period. in Aşiyan. His house was modified into museum and our students visited the museum enjoying the spirit of the period. 3rd May 2017
Kültür Science High School student, ranked the second in the 50  and 100 m. double palette swimming competition in Bakırköy District .
On 3rd May2017, our 9th grade students attended a  seminar called ‘Rational Drug Use ’ ,  held by Bakırköy Community Health Center Authorities 
458 projects from Turkey participated in  ‘ A Better Life’ theme Project organised by Bayer for the 3rd time.  Our Project called ‘Akçaağaç Syrup, Agave Syrup, and life time of using glucose in Caenorhabditis Elegans, oil storage and affects on obesity ranked among the first 10th Projects and represented our school successfully.
On 21.04.2017, parent-teacher meetings were held for the 12th grades of our school.
Our 10th grade students attended the 8th Career and Education Fair held at Culture 2000 College on April 18, 2017.
National Exams Preparatory Coordinator Naci Halıcı has given 3 informational sessions to Cultural Science High School 10th grade students parents for the 2017-2018 Preparatory work for 11th grades. (4/19/2017)
At the ‘Professionals Between Us’ event our host this time was Elif Dilek Salık, a Research Assistant at Koç University Electrical and Electronics Department. Prof. Dr. Elif Dilek Salık shared information about Koç University's engineering departments and the current theories of the future of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with the 12th and 11th grade students of Culture Science High School and Culture High School.
Graduates  from Kültür Science and High School of class 2017 became members of Kültür Graduates alumni association on 11th April 2017.Membership cards were given to our graduates at a ceremony organized by the alumni association.
18th Chess competition between Kütür Science School and Middle School was held between 8th and 9th April 2017. Students who participated in teams and as individuals were given prizes.We thank all the schools and students for their participation.
Between 07-09 April 2017 ,we participated MUN Conference with our High School Students in İKÜ.
To improve the relationship  between the  parents ,the  teachers and students and to make the education system better we had the parent teacher meeting in 20 April.On the same day the students got their mid-term reports
Kültür Science High School students became 1st in biology and 2nd in chemistry projects in TUBITAK 48th High School students research projects İstanbul Europe Region Competition
In TUBITAK Secondary School Student's competition,we visited the display show with the 9th grade students to get information about the projects that are done by the other school's students
Yunus Emre Eken became the 2nd in 110m. Disabled race in İstanbul School Sports Athletism Championship
Our School Student Onur Çepni became the championship in cannonball race in istanbul School Sports Athletism Championship
Our Chemistry and Biology projects were displayed in İTÜ Maslak Campus between 27-29 March 2017 in TUBITAK Project Competition
A seminar “STOP VIOLENCE”  was held by counseling service for 10th and 11th grade students  on the 24th of March, 2017 .This activity raised awareness about the violence which was watched with interest by the students.
On 23rd March 2017, we participated in the 3rd Education and Career Days organised by Bakirkoy District Education Directorate.

The students of Kültür  High School and Kültür  Science High School met with a real hospital environment today. The students had the opportunity of seeing all the departments of a hospital like surgery,emergency ward ,delivery room and laboratories in the hospital’s simulation prepared by Acıbadem Hospital for its own students.And also 12 th grade students participated in a lecture in Medicine Department

Culture Science High School 11th grade student Büşra Hikmet Utku takes the first steps towards becoming the youngest cartoon of the most popular magazines.
Congratulate him, and wish them continued succe

27,02,2017 made in Bakırköy District Youth Men's Table Tennis Tournament was our school champion. Congratulations to our students

Culture Science High School students measured  the  light pollution in Ataköy Kültür  College settlement (23.02.2017)

Information meeting for the SMART PROJECT, summer term sicience academy program was performed on 22th February 2017 by the Head of Science Department of Kultur High School.

Kültür High School and Kültür Science High School9 th grade and 10th grade  students were informed about social and legal responsibilites being 18.Under the project title  Why is it 18? all students watched an enjoyable presentation on the changing status of the 18-year-old psychologically, socially and legally individual, who reached the end of adolescence.The Lawyer Ayşegül Kölgesiz and School Counselor Elif Kaleli were the firt partipicants of the first seminar of this project .The project will be continued in all grades.

  1. We have been to Samsung Electronics Innovation center with our students and had the opportunity of observing innovative thinking system (13.02.2017)

  1. Kültür College Students Acceptance Exam was completed with a great interest on 12th February 2017 Sunday. An information presentation was done by our School Managers to parents. Parents were informed about differentiation in development period by our schools guidance teachers in conference hall. We thank to students and parents willing to join our family.

The first period of 2016-2017 Academic Year, started on Monday, September 19, ended on Friday, January 20, by the closing ceremony after students’ receiving their report cards. We wish all our students a productive resting period until the second period which will start on Monday February 6.

Kültür Science High School Volleyball teal won the district match 2-0.We congratulate our team (17.01.2017)

Our student Onur Çepni became the 2nd in İstanbul Athleticism Championship in Shot Put section(2912.2016)
Kültür Science High  School and Kültür High School students represented us successfully in EnkA Youth Forum 2016.
We commemorate great Sufism poet Yunus Emre with some of our students in Cem Karaca Culture Center (26.12.2016)
Our Kültür Science High School Debate Team represented us successfully and deserve to compete in semi-final which is organized by ‘Argument Factory’ in Acıbadem University in24-25 December
Kültür Science School volleyball team beat Florya Anatolian High School 2-0
 Our students watched the seminar with great interest about   “Adolescence Crisis “given by Psychiatrist Dr. Şennur  Günay AKSOY .
Kültür Science School students organized a ‘ Dance with Unparalysed’ with Nefus Nakipoğlu Mentally Disabled School Students.(19.12.2016)
On December 12, 2016, for our students a seminar, which focuses on how digital devices affect our daily lives and our brains, was organized and it was given by Özge Hacıfazlıoğlu from Kultur University
Kültür   High School students participated  in the events  within the framework of Turkey Innovation Week  and they  looked through the innovative improvements on December 8, 2016.
Kültür Science School Students got information about the environment in seminar called ‘ Nuclear Energy and Protection from radiation ‘ organized by Social Studies Department.
Our student Mazhar Mustafaoglu represented our school in Turkey 19th philosophy Olympics on 4th December 2016

9th and 10th grade students attended  a seminar  about “ LIGHT POLLUTION “ which was presented by Assistant Prof Doctor Ayşegül YELKENCİ  On Thursday, December 1, 2016.
Kültür  High Schools have organized Teacher’s Day Dinner  for our teachers at Polat Ronesans Hotel on November 26, 2016 . While our founder and honorary President of İstanbul Kültür University Fahamettin Akıngüç was making a speech , The plagues were presented to our teachers who have completed their 10th, 15th and 20th year.
Kültür   Anatolian and Science High School students continue their career studies in order to learn the possibilities of higher education in Turkey  and abroad during university preparation period.  Spain UCAM University Dubai Office Officer Carolina Carrilo  and  International Education & Career Services of ALES director Alper Karayama   gave information to 11th and 12th grade students about Europe and American universities on November 22, 2016.
İstanbul Kültür University Head of Career and Business World Miss Mehtap Gülaçtı gave a conference  to Kültür Anatolian and Science High School students about “Who are you?” Students learned how to direct their careersat this conference.

In the 78th year of sending our leader to eternity,we commemorate our Leader of war of independence,democratic,modern,founder of Republic,secular and unique statesman with respect, blessing and gratitude

Nur Erdem Özeren  is the right choice project coordinator who gave a seminar on "Profession, Department and University Selection" to the 12th grade students of Kültür High and Science High School on the second of  November 2016. Young university candidates have received detailed information about the exciting university process.

Our students learned  how to behave safely  in emergency situations on the first of  November, 2016
We celebrated  our 93rd of Republic with enthusiasm with our students and teachers.
Our school has joined  with a group of 44 students to  celebrate Turkish Republic in Ferit Aysan stadium in Bakırköy District.

On 28 th October 2016 Friday, Kültür Science School 9th grade students provided a good synergy via Republic Day Breakfast

Your children are not only growing but they they are developing. They have their own principles, characters and tendencies. Sometimes they have approaches which are contrastive to their parents or dreamy or too much consistive for parents. But there is a fact that they are changing. Kültür Science High School Psychology Consultant and Guidance Service spoke this change with the 9th grades parents.

Kültür Science High School Parent Council meeting was done under the moderation of Selin Tataroğlu on 18th October 2016


We visited Rahmi Koç Museum with the 9 th graders on 14 th October 2016

2016-2017 Academic Year Kültür Science High School students have started their experimental Project Works with their advisors Gülşen Kurular in İKÜ chemistry laboratory ( 13th October 2016)


2016-2017 Academic Year Physics Project Club has started their work for competitions beginning with the dredging operation.

Turkey’s first and only person who will go to space is in Kültür College. Halil Kayıkçı is the only person who entitled to go to  space,is going to stay in space for 15 minutes and observe the earth and  and will  come back . 23 –year-old Halil Kayıkçı shared his experiences with the Kültür College students

The first meeting day of our clubs  was held on September 22, 2016. Students watched  short films of the club during introductions.The coaches of the clubs gave some information about the work they would do during the year.. Students chose social activities, participate during later years

Our vice principle gave a speech about school rules and the new regulations about passing the class on September 20, 2016

The importance of 15th July and the Democracy Struggle that has been given by our nation has been studied and our democracy martyrs have been commemorated in our classes.

After the opening ceremony held on Monday  September 19, 2016 in the campus garden our students started the new academic year full of excitement

International exams coordinator Naci Halici informed our 12 th grade parents about exam preparation programme on 1st September 2016.