AcademIc Year has Started

Dear Parents,

The new academic year has started. We wish you all health, success and happiness in the new academic year. With the happiness that comes from the success of last year, we started the preparations of the new academic year in summer. We were both happy and excited. Our preparations started intensely in July. Our classrooms, workshops, laboratories were renovated and painted again for our students and their parents. Innovations are always exciting. It made us very happy to see you and our students as excited as we have got when the school started.

When you were on holiday in summer, we worked without a break for our students to become happier and more successful, checking up on all aspects of our school. We expanded our dining halls, turning those areas into bigger halls for our students to have their lunch in peace. We created our menus from healthy and delicious food and wanted to take our students’ snacks under control by placing vending machines to each floor.

We improved our bus service in order to provide a safe service for our students in which they will safely be picked up from their houses and returned. We gave the necessary warnings for the standard of each bus to be inspected in detail within the law. We also monitored the improvement of the service personnel, ensuring that the company gave trainings to them.

We carried out exciting works with our professional administration and teaching staff. Our teachers started the new academic year on 14 August 2017. They attended trainings about their subjects and combined their experiences with new knowledge within KÜGEM trainings. They were dedicated and happy to prepare their classrooms and school for their students. First of all, we started the education with our 8th and 12th grades on August 21 within the “TEOG and Preparations to University September Camp”. We welcomed all our newcomer students and their parents to our school on September. We improved and updated our school’s main goals and general functioning in the new academic year.

We took particular precautions for our students to show more success in national tests and developed different study techniques. In order to increase the academic success rates within the understanding “Schools’ success leads to students’ success” and strong curriculum applications enriched with social and club activities, we improved and renovated every corner of our school where our students can take a step including classrooms, corridors, garden, sports hall, science center and library. We created crucial projects for each of our students to enjoy their school.

We improved and renovated our Kültür Science Center and Da Vinci Innovation Center, which have become our students’ and your focus of interest after we opened them last year. We prepared these colorful and richly equipped centers to our students’ service in the new academic year as well.

Within our school culture that we always approach our students with their academic, social and psychological progress as a whole; we developed our program within our mission that will keep the school environment positive and help us raise our students as world citizens by tracking the innovations and changes happening in our country’s education system. You can ensure that we will continue our education considering our students and their precious parents’ opinions. We would like to thank you for your support and wish that the new academic year will be a year full of achievements.


Best Regards


School Principal