Thank you for your interest in teaching at the Kültür Schools!

We are interested in hearing from English teachers who

  • are dedicated educators focused on students’ learning and children’s development;
  • are honest and hard-working;
  • are familiar with and competent in employing up-to-date pedagogical ideas and techniques, particularly student-centered learning;
  • seek to improve as teachers by setting own goals and developing towards them;
  • have a proven record of effective teaching and positive contribution to a school community in a classroom setting and through extra-curricular activities;
  • possess the required documents and qualifications required by the Turkish Ministry of Education for accreditation to teaching in Turkey, namely:
    • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, preferably in English or a closely related subject such as linguistics,
    • Certification to teach English, such as a TEFL or CELTA, but preferably a degree-based qualification (such as a B.Ed or MA in teaching) that specifies English as a teaching subject and that leads to a state-recognized teaching licence,
    • Citizenship in a country where English is an official language;
  • and have a flexible and easy-going nature that sees the humour in frustrating situations and is able to cope and adapt with unfamiliar environments.

You may want to look at the list of Frequently Asked Questions first.

Before beginning, pleased make sure you have the following files on your computer:

  • A scanned copy of the information page in your passport.
  • A scanned copy of your undergraduate degree.
  • Scanned copies of your university transcripts. (You can proceed without these if you do not have them, but you will need them for the work visa application. You should try to obtain them from your university as soon as possible, and it makes it much easier for us if you can include them now.)
  • Scanned copies of any professional qualification certificates that you have.
  • Any other documents you feel would support your application.

You will need to include a brief statement of intention, including a description of yourself and why you wish to work at the Kültür schools. You may wish to write it first, then cut-and-paste it into the field.

If these are ready, please press Continue.